Monday, December 31, 2012

My Year 2012 No.1 365/2013 series

This is No. in my 365/2013 series.
This is a 24 X 30 inch acrylic of all the new and different things I experienced during the year 2012.
there are 30 things that are represented here. have fun looking for them. Enlarge the picture and find things.
look for these, 2013, Chicago Picasso stature, St. Louis Arc, Throwed Roll, BBQ, All the Flatts names, Uncle Ottis, Aunt Barbara, Mike, Tim, Melody and Gary, EFAI classes,
"Took Robin and mason to Chicago", Judged Watonga Art Festival, Judged Nestunga Art Festival, Met !0 FB friends for the first time, Their names, Ruth Carter, Janna Flatt, Tabitha Flatt, Shelia Higgins, Shelia Jo Wardlaw, Glenda Light, Grace Maier, Walker, One man show EFAI, one man show Conversation, Piedmon art club Demo, Kingfisher art group Demo. Have fun looking and please share with you friends.
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Sunday, December 30, 2012

365/2013 PROJECT

I will begin posting a painting a day on Jan. i, 2013 and will do so for the entire year. it's my 356/2012 project. othere artist have agreed to do the same thing. I will tell you later how to see what all my artist friends are doing for this project. Please I hope you will follow us.