Tuesday, April 19, 2011


The top painting was done the night after the bombing. It is full of images that I couldn't;t get out of my head. The concrete floors of the building swaying in the wind like ribbons of cloth. the helmets of the fire fighters. The baby's faces crying, that twisted tricycle from the day care. look for the date, the number 169 ( at that time that was the projected number, I still think it was that extra person never accounted for. And there is a ribbon and heart that everyone was wearing. it is 36X48 inches in acrylic
The second painting was done last year on the 15 anniversary of the bombing and posted on my daily blog for that day. It includes some of the same images in the first one and 169names of all the victims.
The third painting was done April 20, last year from memory as to what the memorial looks like today.
If you ever get a chance to go there DO. YOU WILL BE MOVED!!!!!!!!

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