Friday, January 29, 2010


This is the N0. 29 painting in my 365/2010 series
Title: "AW's Baskets"
71/2x11 inches, watercolor, done on Germans made rag paper.

AW is the initials of ANDREW WYETH, who i consider to be Americas greatest painter if not the best artist. I never got to meet Andrew Wyeth, but back in 1981 i did talk to him on the phone. In 1983 I did get to visit Chadds Ford, Pa. and Cushing Ma. the two places Wyeth spent most of his time and did all of his work near and about those places. These baskets were in Wyeth's garage. George the caretaker, let me take all the photos I wanted.
He also let my family use a restroom in what turned out to be Wyeth's studio, in the old mill house on the Brandywine river. I have a real good bathroom story for anyone that is interested.
While in the studio I did see a Helga picture, one of those that NOBODY was supposed to know about, according to all news accounts. That story about 15 years of secrecy is bunk. I saw at least one of them and you can bet that his wife knew all about them. I did not have my camera with me, I had asked my wife to hold it while I went to the restroom. STUPID!!!!!!

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