Thursday, November 10, 2011


The first painting is of some of the most interesting things that I had never seen before. They are Pigeon Towers. They are all over Alexandria, Egypt. Everybody raises pigeons. They are a delicacy in Egypt and are very expensive to eat.
The second is of the Giza Complex, from a distance they are impressive but as you get closer they become smaller it seems. Then you see that they are all covered around the bottom with garbage such as scaffolding. lumber bracers, steel rail supports and of course all the Harassing people try to sell you things. I have never been anywhere where the panhandlers were so prevalent.
The Next picture is a painting from my sketch of the Sphinx. It ain't so big and most of it is hidden from sight by all the contraptions around it.
The next painting is of the Sphinx, Kaufre and Memkere.
The next two painting are of flower arrangements found around the ship. ran out of sketches to paint.
The last is of the approach to the port of Kioso. Were were tendered at the port and could not go ashore because of high seas, to dangerous.

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