Thursday, October 28, 2010


No. 319 in my 365/2010 series
Size: 16X20 inches
Medium: Acrylics on Canvas board.
This represents my Daughter Renee's life and in Celebrations of it. See if you can find these things that have played a major roll in Renee's life. There are over 40 items represented in this painting. arni, Nina, Robin, John, Chisholm, Cimmarron, Central Mid-High, Edmond Memorial, O.C.U., Matt. Jessica, Colt, Easton, Mason, Owen, Arkansas, Evita, City-Rep, Gladys Herdsman, Oklahoma, Kandid Kids, "Alive"
Meow, Pink Hair, Carpenter Square, A.E.A.. BM, MM, NYC Larry Keller, Florence Birdwell, Act 11, Peter Pan, Gretl, Liza, Dallas Summer Musicals, Coco, Magenta, ECT, Skimbleshanks, Okla, Opry, POPS, Boom,
Have fun looking for these and helping
Renee celebrate her special day.

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