Wednesday, July 7, 2010


No. 207 painting of 365/2010 series.
Size: 8.5X11
Medium: Watercolor on 140lb. DeArches watercolor, cold press paper.
Sam Walton, if you live in America and don't know who Sam Walton was then you probably don't get out much.
Sam Walton started Walmart.
Google Sam Walton's birthplace and you'll get two answers. One is Kingfisher, Oklahoma and the other is NEAR Kingfisher, Oklahoma. Go to Kingfisher and you'll still get both answers. I wanted to know and see his birth place. I was in and around Kingfisher 3-4 hours asking everyone i tho0ught might know, especially the people at the newspaper and the little museum there and they gave me the same info. NO ONE REALLY KNOWS. It seems to be one of two places, a house that no longer exist in town but thats up to speculation as to where it was and the other is that it is about 5 miles outside of town. By this time it's now a quest, I'm gonna find it. I got the name of the lady that most said was the biggest help in the BBS documentary done a few years abck. Called her cell phone, she was in Altus at a DAR convention but did tell me she thought it was the place out side of town near LOYAL, OKLAHOMA. I went baqck to the museum with a little more information form that ladyt and found a plot of land with the name Walton on it about five miles outside of Kingfisher at the place called Loyal. I went back to the
court house and found maps and charts showing the plot the Waltons, Sam,s mother and father, Thomas and Nancy Lee Walton, owned and lived on when Sam was born March 29, 1918.
This is the only house anywhere near the land they owned. Could this be the place Walmart was born or has that house been taken by nature, long ago. Just having fun.
I do hope you like what I do. Comments and/or remarks are appreciated.

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