Tuesday, July 6, 2010


No. 206 of 365/2010 painting series.
Size 16X20 inches
Medium: Acrylic and Acrylic paint pens.
Sandie is my Sister-in-law, the wife of my youngest brother Gail. They live, well, you can say Bessemer Alabama. That's where their house is they both work other places.
Here are some of the things you can look for in this painting.
Sandra, Hermes, Anderson, Gail, Lynsi, Justin, Abby, Jason, 7-8-59, 5-8-80, 9-29-80, 9,5,81, 9-5-08, Benji, a dog, Cookie, another dog, Precious, a cat, a dollar sign, the shape of Alabama, The shape of Germany, a star marking their home in Germany, 2001 when we visited the Andersons in Germany, Italy, France, Austria, Switzerland the places we visited with them in 2001.
Have fun, I do hope you like what I do, and comments and/or remarks are appreciated.
I do these type paintings on commission, want one for you or a friend call me. 1-405-202-7799

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