Thursday, July 22, 2010


No. 223 in my 365/2010 painting series.
Size: App. 18X24 inches
Medium: Watercolor on 140lb. DeArches cold press paper.
This entire painting was painted with a burr from a Coconut palm tree
from Hawaii. A little over a year a friend of mine went to Hawaii and brought back this little burr from a coconut, she said that the Natives of Hawaii used them as paint brushed to do art work. It does look a lot like the fibers in a bristle brush you might buy at the art store. Anyway, I found it yesterday and decided to use it. Since I have not been to Hawaii. I decided to paint some palm trees that I saw at the Botanical Gardens in Phoenix, Az. Here is the results. I'm going to post a picture of the little "burr" I used later today.
I do hope you like what I do. Comments and/or remarks are appreciated.

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