Tuesday, August 17, 2010


No. 247 in my 365/2010 painting series.
Size: App. 8.5X11 inches
Media: Watercolor on 140lb. cold pressed paper.
This is an Indian burial mound at the CHUCAlISSA ARCHAELOGICAL MUSEUM NEAR Memphis Tennessee and Tunica, Mississippi. I think it is actually in Memphis. I had seen the sign for years and had never been to it. This summer, while looking for new things to experience, I decided to check it out. It is a very interesting sand historical place. I viewed and asked a lot of questions of the guides that was on duty. you cant see the mounds unless you go out behind the museum. So I asked where they actually were and the guard showed me. I asked if I could walk around and take it all in. Telling me not to disturb anything, which I would NEVER do. he left me along, I thought I was waling around enjoying but has an uneasy feeling that I was being watched by something of a higher power, spiritual like. Look to the right of this painting, from my photos, see the light, sky, between the trees, Is that a large "INDIAN FACE" watching me? I think it was!!!!!

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