Wednesday, February 10, 2010


Size: 16x20
Medium: Acrylics on canvas board
This is the No. 42 painting in my 365/2010series.
Bobby is my oldest brother, and I love him very much. He is a very good and generous person.
Bob has been working in the health profession for several years and loves helping people.
In This painting you will find: Bob's full name, His birth date, which is today Feb. 11, 1946, Bob's age, Bob's wife's name, Bob and Gwen's anniversary date. Gwen's birth date,The name of their only daughter, Rachael's name and birth date, Bob's three grand children's names, Mercedes, Bailey and Carter and their birth dates. You will find a stylized caduceus, representing the health profession, an apple representing the Timothy Hill Home in which Bob and Gwen have been in- volved in for a number of years and the word Agape., representing that organization, also in which Bob and Gwen were very active. You will also find the state in which Bob was born.
It is painted in different shades of purple, Bob's favorite color.
I do hope you enjoy what I do. Remarks and comments are welcomed and appreciate


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