Thursday, April 1, 2010

"APRIL FOOLS" not really read on.

This is the No.2. 92 painting in my 365/2010 series.
Title: "APRIL FOOLS" not really read on.....
Size: 22X30 inches
Medium: Thalo Blue watercolor and DeArches 100% rag paper.
There are two crosses in this painting. one near the left center and one near the right center.
Which cross do yo think in the WHITEST.. Not the brightest.
It's the one on the right, the one that is the hardest to see. FOOLED YOU!!!!!!!!
The cross on the left had not been painted it is the RAW paper showing. The one on the left has a very think coat of Thalo Blue on it.
Principal involved is the same as one your grandmothers use to use when they added BLUEING to their washing of clothes to make the whites whiter. Anyone Remember those days?
Hers's how it was done. I taped out the cross on the left and then coated the entire paper with a mixture of water and Thalo Blue in a glass container so I could see when i got just the right light shade of blue to make the white whiter and not turn the paper blue. VERY LIGHT. I did coat the paper with that mixture. Dried the paper and the taped out the cross on the right.
Now i painted another coat of the same mixture over the entire surface again. the back ground now had two layers of the blue on it, the right cross has one layer of blue and the left cross is still just paper. take the tape off and not only is the right cross WHITE, (lighter) but the cross on the left appears brighter. and more yellowish than before. Also and I think you can tell fro the photo that the cross on the left makes the left side of the whole painting more blue (darker) than the right side. although they are the same color.
Be Careful what you think you see is not always as it appears.
I do hope you like what I do.
Comments and/or remarks are encouraged and appreciated.

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