Thursday, December 23, 2010


No. 365-G  of my 365/2010 series
Size: 8.5X11 inches
Medium: Watercolor on 140lb. Paper
This is the last of the Mystery Houses in Aberdeen, that I know of. This piece is also done from a photo I got from Miss Peacock. On the back is written, "Still unidentified- Approximately 1903-1905.
Could be the I.M Johnson house across from the McDearmon house and the Clyde Wilson house. This could also be a rear or side view of the house. Notice the central, square, crowning element of the roof and the front structure on the extreme right. It is possible that this could have been a symmetrical structure, placing it between 2 streets. On the left, behind the tree, there seems to be another house."
Please, If anyone knows, or have any ideas about this house, I would appreciate any info.
Thanks again for looking at my work. Comments and/or remarks are appreciated.

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