Friday, December 31, 2010


No. 380 in my365/2010 series.
Size: app. 5X7 inches
Medium: Watercolor on 140lb. paper.
This church was built in 1905 and is one of the prettiest building in Aberdeen, I think. When I came to Aberdeen I noticed the windows in this church and thought they were spectacular. I found out from my in-laws that they had been featured in an article in one of the Memphis papers. That's when I went to the library and found out about their History and the TIFFANY connection. That's, when I first met Miss Peacock. Through the years i continue to be amazed that they are still there and not in the Tiffany Museum. They are priceless and perhaps on of Aberdeen's most valued assets. I thought this was an appropriate ending to my 365 series. Especially since a third of the 365 have in someway been inspired by Aberdeen and Monroe, Lee counties.
Today ends the commitment to do a t least on painting a day and post it. I have painted at least one a day this year and have posted at least one. In this series it grew to 380 you can see on the blog. I have done several more painting as commissions for others.
I am going to keep this blog and will post, off and own, others works of art that I do or have done. Ex. award winning pieces from the past that I want to share with my new FB friends.
Tomorrow is a new Beginning for  me. IT'S MY BIRTHDAY!!!! and I'll cry if I want to.
HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ALL OF YOU and please keep looking at what I do.


Unknown said...

A beautiful painting of our First United Methodist Church it for,sale? If,so, how much?

Unknown said...

I saw at the to post of your blog that all of thes are for sale.....price please.
Either text me at 662-319-7095 of email me at, thanks.
Musa Ferguson