Friday, December 24, 2010


No. 365-I of my 365 2010 series.
Size: 22X28 inches
Medium: Acrylic on Canvas board.
This piece completes my Birthday celebrations of the famous artist and people who have influenced my life over the past 66 years. The colors in this painting are not Random. It is basically Yellows and Purples, Easter colors, without the Resurrection the birth would not be complete. The reds represent His shed blood. The greens a new life and rebirths and the blues Purification for all.
You will find hidden in this piece about 37 names by which the Bible refers to Jesus's names. The biggest and most prominent being JESUS AND IMMANUEL. I will list the others at the end of this post. Also hidden within the painting is a CROSS representing the death and burial. A city representing Bethlehem and a pyramid, and his journey into Egypt. You will find Dec. 15, A.D. 04, my personal belief the date by the roman calender. and THE STAR OF DAVID. You will find a piece of stem ware representing his first miracle. Here are some name to look for if you care to. Word, Lamb, Christ, Savior, Teacher, Way, Truth, Light, Prince of Peace, Mighty God, King of Kings, Son of God, Son of Man, Son of David, Apostle, Omega, Alpha, Prophet, Priest, Shepherd, Majesty, Redeemer, New Adam, Paraclete, Mediator, Messiah, Lord, and Head of the Church.
When you think about Jesus, and especially tomorrow, Remember all those names and what they all mean for us as Christians.
I do believe in Jesus
Merry CHRISTmas.

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Dixie Decker said...

Arni, I love this! It truly shows your belief in Jesus in a artistic, and very deep, thoughtful insight into HIs teachings.
I can see it in stainglass, in a large window. Wouldn't that be pretty?

We will be another year older in one week. I thought Monday night I might not make it. I had every symtom of a heart attach, but after undergoing all kinds of tests in Jackson, they found that my heart is in fine shape, and thought it was only acid reflux. I hope it never happens again. It hurt so bad!
Have a wonderful Christmas. We aren't having company, or going anywhere. It's one of the lonliest Christmas' for me.
Love, Dixie