Thursday, May 27, 2010


This is the No. 156 painting in my 365/2010 series.

Size: App. 8X11 inches
Medium: Watercolor on 140lb. DeArches watercolor, cold press, paper.

This is a house that I never got to see till Miss Peacock showed it to me. I had heard of it but no one had ever been able to describe it.

This is what's written on the back of her original. I copied it onto the back of my copy in 1983.
"Gillespie House. Corner of Franklin, High Street. (Possibly around 1902-04) Northeast corner/Southwest Corner.
Presently this property (NE) is occupied by Mrs. Denton Roberts. An abstract deed would reveal the original structure and if this was ever there or not. (a big smudged mark) could have been next door to the house.
That last remark along with the picture raised some questions? I know it was a little house decorated with items, stuck on it from a larger house. Did a larger house burn or destroyed some other way and the Gable, BIG trim, Large bay window with dormer over it saved and stuck on a smaller replacement home.
I hope you like what I do.
Comments and/or remarks are welcomed and appreciated.

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