Sunday, June 6, 2010


This is the 3 day update on my 365/300 painting series, for June 4,5 and 6Th. I'm sorry but no puter available. They are all watercolors.

The first one is...

Title: Old 1949 GMC .5 HALF TON PICKUP

Size App. 8.5X11 inches.

Another thing that I just can't pass up with out stopping to investigate and take photos of are old cars sitting out in fields. This one was located near Olustee, Oklahoma.

Size: App. 8.5X11 inches
Andrew Wyeth's favorite hobby was raising bee's
These are three of the hives that were near where my family and I had a picnic on The Wyeth's lawn.
After traveling several hundred miles to see Andrew Wyeth, I had told him I was coming to see him on the phone, I was not going to let any No Trespassing signs stop me from getting to his house.
George the caretaker told us that the Wyeth's had left the day before going to their other house in Maine. So after we had out picnic and got a fantastic look at his studio, we headed for Chushing Maine. More to come about that.
I see the third did not make it on this post so I'll post it by itself.

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