Tuesday, March 23, 2010


This is the No.83 painting in my 365/2010 series.
Size: 22x30 inches
Medium: watercolors on 140lb DeArches watercolor paper.
This is an American Icon still standing somewhere in Northeast Alabama.
These old barn are disappearing very rapidly.
The fist of these barn started appearing in 1938 across the"snowbird" route from the north to the south in order to attract tourist to the Rock City attraction in Southeast Tennessee near Chattanooga. Clark Byers was a self taught painter/artist that was contracted by the owners of the site to travel the routs and find places to paint the advertisements for the Park.
He was to offer the people who owned the barns trinkets, yardsticks thermometers, key chains, etc. for the rights to paint the barns and of course all the paint and people were told that when it was painted with this paint it wouldn't have to be painted again for years. and that was true.
Those who didn't want the trinkets were given the big sum of $3.00 for the privilege.
Clark Byers and his crew painted several thousand of these barns, sometimes as many as three a day, till his retirement in 1969. When he retired there were only 900 barns still remaining. He died in 2004. At his death a young artist Jerry Cannon took over and is still maintaining the remainder of the barns today.
I do hope you like what I am trying to do.
Comments and/or remarks are appreciated.

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