Saturday, March 27, 2010


This is the No. 87 painting in my 65/2010 series.
Size: 22X30 inches.
Medium: Watercolors on 140lb. DeArches watercolor paper.
This view of the National Bombing Memorial in Oklahoma City is inside the memorial looking across the reflection pond to the other end. If you have never been to the Memorial and you ever get close to it, make sure you see it. I had live here for 14 years after the bombing, driven by it for years and had never visited the grounds till last years when friends from Huntsville came and I took them there. Because of other involvement with the bombing experienced I had i just never felt like that I wanted to get any closer. Sorry for that. Although memories of the terrible event were suppressed, the most melancholy and wonderful feeling overcame me that made me feel like I had experienced one of the most unnatural disastrous events in history from a God way of looking at what really did happen that day.
What ALL happened that day most people will never know. A statistic that the governor of Oklahoma revealed at a small dinner event I attended about three months after the event put the best perspective on it that I have heard to this day. And that static I have never seen in print. After listing the 168, (some believe as I, that it was 169), DEAD as many ways to make it sound as bad as possible, and how many people lost love ones or a parent, you've never seen this one. He told us at that meeting that over 300 children had been left complete orphans.
The implications of that one static stuck with me more than all I've ever read about the bombing.
Bring it home now, This painting was done yesterday in front of 21 six graders. Not a single one of them knew anything about the bombing or had ever visited the memorial. They had heard of a bombing in Oklahoma City and that was all.
What are those 300 doing after 15 years? Who cares now? How did they survive?
OK ,I'm done roaming. If you ever get near the Memorial, walk on the site where all this happened, It will make you FEEL GOOD.
I do hope you like what I do.
Comments and/or remarks are appreciated.

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