Tuesday, March 2, 2010


This is the No. 61 painting in my 365/2010 series
Size: 6 1/4x8 1/4
Mediun: Watercolor on 140lb. DeArches paper.
This is the Higgins's house at the end of cottage and Barrell Street in Lincoln Village in Huntsville, Alabama. Growing up I was only in this house twice and I can remember how clean and neat it was.
In the east side of this house, lived 7 people in three rooms. Mr and Mrs. Higgins and their 5 children. I remember all their names. They were all older than me. Cut Deep stands out in my mind, wonder why?
In the west side of the house, three rooms Mr and Mrs. Thompson and their two children lived. I just recently reconnected with Tony Thompson on Facebook, and I can hardly wait to see him again in June. I have fond memories of when he lived in the house.
Billy Higgins lived in the house until about 2 years ago, and a friend of mine bought the house. He and I went through the house after he bought it and the family had not cleaned out his belonging. The house was immaculate, just as it was when I was in it over 50 years ago. I remembered some of the trinkets that were there the first time i was in it. It is the prettiest house still standing in the.
The house to the west in the picture is where the Mance lived. They had a son whose name I never knew exactly what it was. I heard him called Whacker and Jay Bird all my time there.
There is movement to remodel, perhaps reconstruct some of the houses in the village, Many are gone and lots are in a sad state of condemnation.
I hope they do completely keep the integrity of Barrell and Bennett Street.
I hope you like what I do/
Comments and remarks are greatly appreciated.


arni said...

Tony Thompson. told me that there were 7 children that lived in the left side of this house not 5. I couldn't remember all those. sorry.

arni said...

Tony just told me that there actually were 8 children. Billy, Buford, Earl, Grady, Kenneth (Cut-Deep) Linda, Fay and Peggy.
That would have been 10 people living in 3 rooms and a toilet on the back porgh. How DID they do that?

Melinda said...

Hello! I just had someone forward me your site because of the Higgins house. My mother, Linda Higgins Tate, was one of the 7 that lived in the house. I have so many fond memories of this house. Early on the house was shared by two families, with the Higgins having the left side, but later on they actually owned both sides of the home. That is the only way I ever remember the home. I guess by my birth they had acquired both sides. As you mentioned it do look pretty much the same as it always had at the time of Uncle Billy's death. Back in the day that was a great place for my mother and her siblings to grow up and wonderful memories as a grandchild that was there alot. It is so sad to see that area in the shape it is in today. Even shortly before Uncle Billy died we would not go down there after the sun had went down. I would like to know how much you charge for your painting? I would possibly like to get one for my mother

Beverly King Vital said...

Hi There. This was my mother's homeplace, Faye Higgins King. I was raised in Lincoln Village and I can tell you it was a wonderful place for a child or family of that era. My grandparents worked constantly to keep their house in tip-top shape. What wonderful memories you've brought back to mind. It was more than a house, it was the epitome of what a "home" should be. Thank you so much for your blog on the Higgins House. I miss those days so very, very much but am eternally grateful that I have them embedded deeply in my heart. Are your paintings for sale? Thanks Beverly