Friday, March 5, 2010


This is the No. 65 painting in my 365/2010 series,
Size: 22X30 inches
Medium" Watercolor and ink on 140lb. DeArches cold press paper.
This is the 2ND of my series within a series paying tribute to those very famous artist that have had a big influence in what I do. This painting pays tribute to one of the greatest artist that ever has worked as an artist. Michelangelo Bunnarotti would have been 535 years old had he lived to this day. Undoubtedly the greatest sculptor ever, a great architect and one of the best painters ever. In this painting I try to pay tribute to his architecture in the dome he work on at St. Peter's in Rome, tribute to his sculpture is found in the David and the Pieta. and of course his painting in his creation scene from the Sistine Chapel.
This painting is done in Paynes Gray and Black. No brush was used in painting this picture. I used the spray nozzle from my kitchen sink and my work work and a spray bottle for re wetting. I used rubber cement and maskoid. eye droppers and q-tips to move the ink around.
The black and white and the textures, I wanted to use to reflect the stone quality of his major works. the fine lines in the picture are done with a quill pen.
I do hope you like my tributes to my favorite artists as well as all I'm trying to do.
Comments and/or remarks are greatly appreciated.

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